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Ever since moving from NY, I’ve been on the lookout for real NY style pizza. Lizzano’s not only delivered this (and I give the pizza five stars), but delicious, authentic italian entrees, a comfortable and cozy setting, and extremely friendly service to boot. Could not have been more impressed with my initial visit, and I plan on becoming a regular! Whole-heartedly recommended to anyone who loves good food.

I have always been beyond impressed any time I’ve ordered from Lizzano’s. (I always place to-go orders or get delivery.) The food is great, and it’s reasonably priced. They have a cash-only policy which I fully support so that they can keep prices lower (they explain this in full detail on their website; they refused to cave to the pressure of the credit-card industry & their atrocious fees. They didn’t want to pass these onto their customers who have faithfully kept them in business all of these years.)

They are a family-owned and operated establishment, and everyone is ALWAYS so cheerful, helpful, and hospitable. I am always greeted by a friendly person who is sincerely grateful for my business. Tonight I ordered just minutes before they closed, and they were willing to take my order without any qualms. I stopped by the ATM to get cash and couldn’t remember my PIN # apparently. I called them since it was closing time to tell them I was having issues and didn’t know what to do since they only accepted cash. They reassured me that it was no problem at all and encouraged me to come pick up my food anyway. They said they didn’t want to throw away good food, and I could come by a different day to pay. They were sincerely glad to help me out and beyond gracious about the whole situation. The owner said if I wasn’t able to come the next day they were open, that I could come by whenever. They seriously are the NICEST people!!! They treat you like family and seem to know practically all of their regulars by name. These types of small businesses are the ones I want to support with my dollar time and time again. This is what it’s all about. Please give them your business so that they stay in business; you will be glad you did.

Great pizza, and great Italian food. Only take cash but worth the trouble.

This place is awesome. There is no way you can beat their prices or their awesome, family-friendly staff. I’ve tried everything from their manicotti to their lasagna and chicken piccata and it’s all delicious. Never a wait. Always a smile.

Pizza is bomb!

The lunch specials are terrific and the prices ridiculously low. You can get bread, a great Italian meal, salad for under $5!! It’s cheaper than McDonalds! The family that runs it are terrific. You become family there.

The food is authentic and delicious. The prices reasonable. It is worth every penny.

The pizza is so delicious! We will never order from a chain again. I just wish they were open every day!

Shared a supreme pizza with my friends, was really good pizza in the Euless area.

The perfect small family owned Italian restaurant. Friendly faces, great food.

Excellent balance of quality and value This is a great neighborhood Italian restaurant. Their New York style pizza is incredible. Their entree and pasta dishes are delicious and a great value. Highly recommended.



33 Five-Star Reviews

5 Stars

This is literally my favorite pizza place in the whole world. When I used to live in Euless I probably ordered from here at LEAST once a week. My usual order was the Margarita pizza and the spaghetti and meat sauce.

The pizza was the best New York style pizza I have ever eaten to this day. The sauce was robust with a great aftertaste that keeps you wanting more and anticipating your next bite. It is aromatic and complex and not just plain tomato like everyone else’s sauce. The pizzas are covered in a mouth watering amount of cheese, and the slices are large and floppy. The crust is thin, slightly crispy, but is still soft and chewy. Seriously the memories of this pizza are making me drool onto my keyboard right now.

Now, my usual order always included spaghetti and meat sauce, but I have tried many of their other pasta dishes and every single one was amazing. I’m usually a fairly picky spaghetti eater. I tend to think that most restaurants’ meat sauce just tastes like tomato sauce with some ground beef and a few spices added. Lizzano’s meat sauce on the other hand tastes like its been stewing for days. The meat flavor is rich, complex and full bodied. Every bite leaves you wanting more. This is probably half the reason why I was so chubby during my time in Euless.(Ive lost tons of weight since then…go me!) The rest of the house pastas have the same great sauce but are also covered in a great bubbling layer of gooey cheese. The kind that stretches like in the cartoons. Everything here tastes homemade and Ive never been to any other place with the same quality and consistency.

Also, every order comes with fresh baked garlic bread and Parmesan and crushed red pepper. What a great little added bonus.

Now, here’s the best part. Not only do they have some of the best pizza and pasta I’ve ever tasted, but it’s also ridiculously inexpensive. This is the cheapest little hole in the wall Italian place Ive ever come across, and serendipitously also the best hands down.This place is a diamond in the rough and if you’re lucky enough to find yourself here (or ordering from here), Im officially jealous of you. You’re in for a treat!

Jay:  As a prize that I won at a zumbathon last weekend, I received a voucher for 2 free dishes or a free large pizza at Lizzano’s! We had never been here or heard of it, but we are no strangers for trying something new. I looked up the reviews and saw that the place is a raving sensation around the area, so I was pretty excited to see what the fuss was all about. The location is at a shopping strip and the dining area is super small, but it was pleasant. 🙂 You could tell that EVERYONE eating there is a regular. They were on a first-name basis with all the workers and weren’t shy to be a little loud and “at-home.” Even though we had a voucher for free food, we wanted to try some of their other stuff and I am very glad we did. The bread is mmm-mmm good! you can tell that it’s homemade and fresh. I’m never really that much of a fan of “house dressing’s” but I must say, their house dressing is delish! definitely ask for the house dressing. I LOVE chicken wings, so I decided to give them a shot. Boy am I glad I did!!! they are finger-licken’ good. They’re not that spicy, but they have an amazing flavor and I loved how crunchy they were. 😀 – I didn’t catch our waitresses name, but she was so sweet. She had blonde hair in a pony-tail. Super sweet girl. Did I mention how delicious the chicken wings were?? They are some of the best I’ve ever had. For my meal, I got the lasagna. I hate to be a Debbie downer, because everything else was amazing, but the lasagna was OK. It didn’t blow my mind like the other things. It was good though. I think next time we will definitely be trying their pizza. It seems like that’s what all the reviews mostly talked about, and we probably should have tried that, but it’s OK. We will definitely be back! Oh – On a side note, (this is my HGTV/Interior designer alter ego talking) It would make a WORLD of difference if they put some mood lighting in there. Maybe some small table lamps on each of the tables that are pushed up against the walls or something. The florescent ceiling lights are just not that “cozy.” But that revolving fan thing in the ceiling is pretty cool, I must say! 🙂

Shawn:  We found this small gem of a find quite worth the drive from our home in Keller. The place is very quaint and cozy (although Jay thought different), where there is probably enough seating for about 8 families. The clientele we were in company with were evident regulars as the owners and staff treats everyone like they’ve known them for years. Now for the food. I was quite impressed! A very simple menu that’s not overwhelming. I tried out a fried calamari appetizer and the Italian Wedding soup prior to the entree, which was the Chicken Parmigiana. Their complementary bread was fresh and hot, with a great olive oil/herb dipper. The calamari was one of the better appetizers I’ve had from Italian spots; a good serving with a nice flavor, not tough or chewy, but very tender. The wedding soup was quite simple in ingredients, chicken broth, spinach, orzo and sausage meatballs – yet, quite flavorful…yummy, even! The chicken parm was a bit average – very thin cut of chicken with a pretty OK taste in breading. The sauce was bold, slightly acidic and rich (I’m more adept to sweeter sauces myself.) But very cheesy! And I do like my cheese! Overall, I would give this spot a 4 out of 5 stars myself (just judging from the entrees side of the menu) – but I do believe we will be definite return customers because this trip was for entrees — the next trip will be for the pizza, which I have heard fab things about. In terms of customer service, I give them high marks — 5 out of 5 — just very personable and helpful staff, which is more than I could say compared to other chain restaurants that wouldn’t even know you by name. Try this place — you’ll like it!!!

I’ve come for lunch here a few times, and ordered catering a few times. Sooo great!

They always have good portions and prices. The rolls – definitely fight worthy. And altho, I ordered way too much pizza for my group – zero slices left!

Fresh, Fast, Fair pricing – What more could you ask for?
This place is the true meaning of “hidden gem”.

I don’t leave a whole lot of reviews unless a restaurant is remarkable (bad or good) and Lizzano’s was fantastic! On this first trip we ordered a Cesar salad, spaghetti and cheese pizza. They first brought out some incredible bread and oil to dip it in. The cesar salad was above average with good, quality ingredients. The spaghetti was also above average, the sauce had good flavor and was not swimming in it. Finally the cheese pizza was great. I’ve been to several pizza places in Colleyville that cost almost twice as much, and I think Lizzano’s was better!

The food truly was good, but what made it stand apart was the mom and pop feel (cuz it is) and the very low prices. Highly recommend checking the place out, plus its BYOB so bring your fav drink! It is cash only, but there’s an ATM very close by.

Only been here once and this place is a pretty nice gem in Euless. They get a lot of good reviews and I can see why. They have a very nice unique, family-owned, back-home, homemade feel to it.

From what I remember they only deal with cash, which is a smart business move but inconvenient if you’re like me and rarely carry cash and use cards for everything.

The owners and employees are very friendly and have great hospitality. Good environment to bring family or friends. They’re usually pretty packed when I go in there, and it’s a small location as is. So yeah business is doing well so far in Euless.

Pizza is made EXTREMELY fresh, like drippy and melty. I brought a pie home and my family went crazy with compliments and praise. Which they rarely do. So they did something right. But it DID take them a while to make it, but I can understand why, they made it so fresh. So def want to check out this place again soon.

Oh and cool ceiling fan, hard not to notice.

Lizzano’s Pizza, you make me feel like I’m at home in a foreign place. You’re idyllic and eclectic, but still familiar, and your food is brilliant.

The owner and head pizza chef at this tiny gem of an establishment is straight from Rome, Italy. It’s a romantic concept; a boy from Italy bringing his knowledge and skills to our area and passing on the culinary tradition within his family. Making phenomenal Italian dishes and pizza runs through the blood of this family, and their obvious hard work and warmth is easily distinguishable.

This is a BYOB and cash-only restaurant, but never fear, there is an ATM just a stone’s throw away in case you forgot your bills. If you check out Lizzano’s cozy website, you’ll see a thorough explanation of why they’ve chosen to be cash only. They “refuse to pass on to their customers the skyrocketing costs of credit card processing fees.” Lizzano’s would have to charge more for their meals to make up for these processing fees, and instead of burdening us with that, we must simply remember to put a twenty in our wallets… which by the way is plenty for you, because you’ll bring your own wine and enjoy amazing food for amazingly low prices.

My favorite item here: the Tomato Basil Soup. It’s perfect. So simple. It’s scorching hot and ripe and robust. It’s a given that the pizza is superb; their claim to fame. Each is hand-tossed and in bloom with color and your favorite flavors. Lizzano’s Greek Salad, I truly love you… you come with an incredible basil dressing that is so excellent I wonder why it’s not sold in jars on the side. And if you’re wanting something a bit different, try an entree like the Chicken Jerusalem or the seafood special. The mussels I had were fresh and lemony, abed a hearty helping of classic spaghetti. Hungry yet?

Lizzano’s Pizza, I’ll see you soon. I always do.

I had read previous reviews on Yelp and really wanted to give Lizzano’s Pizza a try.  I also had a Yelp deal voucher to use, which really made the trip to Euless worth it. My friend and I both like similar foods so we both ordered the spaghetti with meat sauce from the lunch menu. The entrees come with buttery warm homemade yeast rolls with an herb dipping oil that has red pepper flakes, rosemary, garlic, and Parmesan cheese in an olive oil base. The meal also comes with a side salad of iceberg lettuce and tomato with a house dressing that was out of this world. The servings were generous and the food was tasty. There was no room for dessert. We will definitely want to go back here again and again. Oh btw, the service was excellent and the employees are friendly, making us feel right at home.

I’ll be the first to admit that New York style is not my favorite style of pizza, however they do it here better than most and with really good prices.  The pizza I ordered and the pasta my honey ordered were both good and the total bill was under $20 at lunch time.  If we lived nearby we’d come here regularly for the pasta, I’m certain.  We do come to the neighborhood pretty frequently so I anticipate we will come again.  The service was good, and I don’t mind cash only as long as I know up front (which I did).

This is a jewel worth finding in Euless. Tucked away in a small suite behide 7-11, these people know good italian food.

Cash only and BYOB.

Get the Greek salad, it’s delish. Eggplant Parmesan is my favorite. The pizza is fabulous! Get the large so you can take the left overs home.

Quick Tips:  BYOB, Payment is Cash only. Very veggie friendly pizza and pasta. Lunch specials are a great value 11am-2pm daily. Avoid the house salad unless you want iceberg lettuce and nothing more. However, it is undeniable that this place has charm.

Ambiance – Very casual mom and pop type restaurant in a 7 eleven strip center. You would go here for a friendly vibe and a causal feel.

Food/Drink – The lunch specials are a great deal – salad, delicious hot bread and your choice of pasta. (manicotti, lasagna, cannelloni, spaghetti or combination). The eggplant parmigiana is delicious, and I don’t normally like eggplant. The angel hair marinara was classic no surprises, but the helpings were VERY generous. Anita D. and I both had ample leftovers. The house salad is just a plate of iceberg lettuce, very underwhelming. The water/drinks are HUGE.

Service – This is really what makes this place special. Very friendly service. It’s as if I’m eating lunch or dinner at my mother’s. Everyone asks how you are doing and are super attentive, not in a waiter/waitress type way, but as if you are a guest. Very delightful experience.

My husband and I get pizza from here almost every week. Our favorite is a cheese pizza with basil. The greek salad is also very good. We’ve had the spaghetti and meatballs a few times and love it! Lizzano’s is a family owned and operated business. They are always happy to see you. Recently, they started accepting cash only so keep that in mind before going. Luckily, there is a 7 Eleven right next door so it’s not too much of a hassle if you forget. They deliver too.

This mom and pop restaurant is so freaking good, I’ve eaten there multiple times after I discovered it. Even though it’s in a random strip center it is just awesome. I always get the Chicken Parmigiana and a Greek Salad and every time it has come out fantastic. I love the sauce. They are a BYOB restaurant, so don’t forget to bring your wine! (Forewarning: They became a CASH ONLY restaurant on Nov 1st because of the high fees of credit cards.)

Went to Lizzano’s for the first time today looking for some authentic Margherita pizza and I found it. I got a 12″ pie and even though its just me eating it, I want to eat the whole thing. I will definitely go back, and recommend this place to others. The owners were very nice and were asking about my day. The only downside was that the price of the pizza was $12.95 but its worth it.

Best pizza around, try the margarita pizza. They have an excellent alfredo sauce as well. Very friendly service.

This place has the best Italian food I’ve eaten in Dallas/Ft. Worth. I am Italian and cook a lot of it, and this would be the only other place I would eat it besides my kitchen in this area!

3 of us ate. We had the lg. greek salad ($5.25): generous portion, beautiful onions, tomatoes, olives and tons of feta cheese, and they make homemade dressing – the greek dressing was phenomenal! Had a pesto essence to it, very good! Then we had a pizza and a pasta dish. Simple pizza, pepperoni (med. around $12): good crust, nice cheese, pepperoni was just ok, I would definitely go with one of their speciality pizzas next time, they said the margarita pizza is delicious and I’m sure that it is! Pasta dish was the special for the night, Spinach Ravioli with Portobello Mushroom and Alfredo sauce ($8.95): WOW!!! Absolutely delicious!! The ravolis are made fresh, spinach pasta, filled with ricotta and spinach, beautiful alfredo sauce with perfectly cooked Portobello slices. Definitely my favorite thing! We spooned some of the alfredo onto our pizza slices and took them to the next level!

Our bill was $26 dollars. 3 of us ate and were stuffed! Had a couple slices to take home, and its BYOB, which I love! Very nice staff, clean and fresh dining area, small fresh flowers on the table… very nice experience! Plan on visiting often.

Great food. Great staff! First time and we loved it. Found it on Groupon. Had they not had that Groupon deal, we never would have heard of it! Will come back!

We eat here all the time and we love it.

I’m a creature of habit and generally get the beef lasagna, which is really a nice generous portion and … I wouldn’t say … your typical lasagna. It’s a little lower to the ground, but hey, different is good, to me at least. Oh also, it’s yummy.

The Greek Salad is a nice complement to the pasta and man, they don’t skimp on the feta.

I feel pretty safe in recommending that you take half of your generous lasagna portion home so that you’ll have room for the chocolate bread pudding. If you’re sharing it, hold your spoon firmly and lean forward so you can actually get a bite before your dining companion wolfs the dang thing down. Yeah. It’s that friggin good.

This is an authentic family Italian place … and they treat you like family. If they don’t, you’re probably creepy or mean or something. Come back more than once and they’ll remember where you sat and probably what you liked most. Real nice people. Don’t let them down by not trying this place at least once.

I’m so glad I found this little place!! The food is delicious, delivery is among the quickest in town and there’s no way any place around can beat the prices. I’m sorry I didn’t discover this place sooner.

Our recurring favorites: garlic bread with cheese and tomato, greek salad, chicken cacciatore and last but not least… some of the BEST cannolis I’ve ever had.

I hope you have the pleasure of eating here one day. It’s definitely an undiscovered treasure.

Night before Thanksgiving, just arrived the parents house and no one wanted to cook. Mom was telling me about the great pizza she had from Domino’s last week, but I would have none of that crazy nonsense. Lizzano’s was new and is not Domino’s,I wanted to try it. We ordered a large with mushrooms, onion and green pepper.. Delicious! Great crust, and toppings were all fresh and cooked perfectly. Very much reminds me of the pizza I ate growing up in Buffalo. I will be back!

Just moved into a new apartment very close to this place. Since moving, I’ve already been here twice. On the first occasion I had their Supreme pizza. It was a thin crust pizza with all the usual suspects that come on a Supreme pizza. Overall, the pizza was good and I would like to try some of their others, including the Alfredo pizza, Chef’s pizza (grilled chicken, artichokes and tomatoes) and the Ranch pizza (grilled chicken, basil and mozzarella). On my second trip I had the beef tortellini in alfredo sauce. I’ll admit I wasn’t sure what tortellini was and went out on a limb. It ended up being very good and the alfredo sauce is definitely worth trying on any of their pastas. They also had some great specials. Prices are very reasonable. My tortellini meal was 8.61 after taxes (no drink) and an extra large supreme pizza was around 16 dollars.

All in all this is a great place where the people remember who you are and genuinely love owning a restaurant. I will definitely be back. Also….it’s BYOB.

Went here to get take out for lunch. I NEVER would have entered this place if it weren’t for the reviews. Something about strip mall restaurants that make me skeptical. I got the lunch special combo pasta deal with salad and bread. Wow! Lots of food for under $5! It was excellent. I shared it with my daughter and she devoured it! I look forward to trying the Alfredo sauce everyone raves about. We will definitely be back. Can’t believe it’s been here this whole time and I was being a strip mall snob! Great value!

I’ve been eating from Tony and Shenka, the owners and operators, for over 15 years. They’ve had this restaurant for just a short while, but previously operated Amore restaurant in Colleyville, which they sold in the late 1990’s before temporarily returning to Europe. (Amore has continuously operated under different ownership since that time.) Back in the mid-to-late 1990’s, when Tony and Shenka were in charge, it was ranked as the best pizza in the area by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

In my opinion, the food at their restaurants has always been superior to similar pizza joints in the metroplex, and there are quite a few good, independently-owned pizzerias in the area. My favorite item is the stromboli which is made fresh daily with loads of mozzarella, pepperoni, sausage, and fresh mushrooms. (You can special order them with other ingredients if you prefer.) I get one every time I come back to town. The pizza is also incredible; simple NY-style crust with a variety of fresh toppings and a very flavorful sauce. The sauce has been adjusted slightly for regional preferences, but if you ask, they will make the flavor more intense with additional garlic, oregano, and other herbs/spices added. I prefer it this way, but most in the area don’t. Whatever your preference, though, it’s going to be good.

A great deal are the lunch specials offered from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM daily. You can get a decent-sized portion of lasagna, manicotti, cannelloni, spaghetti, or a combination pasta plate, each of which come with salad and homemade bread that is served with a homemade dipping sauce of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic, and herbs from their personal garden. It’s an incredible deal that, at roughly the same price as fast-food, is a far-superior meal.

Their prices are more-than reasonable with an 18-inch cheese-only pie currently $10.95 and most additional toppings $1.25 each. There are also many specialty pizzas, most of which I have never tried. I stick mostly to the tried-and-true combinations; bell peppers and mushrooms, pepperoni and mushrooms, etc…and have never been disappointed. I have, though, tried the White Pizza, which is the regular crust topped with ricotta and mozzarella cheeses with garlic and tomatoes -without- any kind of sauce, and it is one of my favorites as well.

It’s a small restaurant with limited space for dining in, but takeout is available, as well as delivery in the evenings. The food is great, the staff is friendly, the owners take pride in what they are serving, and the prices are affordable. There’s really no reason for you not to try it!

I went to this restaurant for the first time yesterday for lunch. It’s a small restaurant located in a tiny off the beaten path strip center. I went with two other people and we all had the lunch special. The meal came with freshly made bread and a generous portion salad. There are a few different entrée choices but we all had spaghetti. It was delicious with perfectly seasoned sauce and meatballs. The portions were huge and only one of us (me) was able to finish the entire meal. The price is pretty amazing. The service was friendly and very attentive. I work nearby and have eaten at most of the other Italian restaurants in the area. I would not put any of them in the same category as this place. Lizzano’s has a great casual atmosphere and I plan to make the drive from Denton to come back for dinner. It’s BYOB so you can bring your own bottle of wine.

Great NY style pizza served in a very modest and casual Italian restaurant setting. Not a typical pizzeria where you can see the guy making the pizza and the ovens. It has a small dining room with waiter service. Wonderful fresh baked bread with dipping oil mixed with fresh herbs served with meals. Great prices. Diverse menu and specials. The owner started cooking in Italian neighborhood restaurants at age 16 in Rome, Italy. Later in New York, he cooked at a number of neighborhood institutions like Seven Brothers at the corner of Church and Flatbush in Brooklyn, Angelo’s in Little Italy, and Ray’s in Manhattan. This place is the real deal.




Everything was excellent! The atmosphere isn’t great but the food makes up for it.

I will be coming back

The $5 lunch special spaghetti was delicious and I will be coming back on a regular basis.

Always good!

My husband always orders the stromboli, everything here is always good!


Cash only! Greek salad is amazing! Eggplant parmigiana is excellent & fresh. Oh & it’s BYOB! Perfect!

It’s deelish!

Definitely try the Chocolate Bread Pudding. It’s deelish!. Remember that starting Nov. 1, Lizzano’s is cash only. So be sure to stop by 7-Eleven for cash. 🙂

Yum !!

The pizza is wonderful!!!! Try the margarita pizza . Yum !!

kid tested, mom approved

this place has delivery! better pizza then my normal pizza delivery place (fratellis) AND you can order more then just pizza! kid tested, mom approved place!


Free wifi!



urban spoon rating

Good quiet Italian spot

Portions are ample, good value, everything was very fresh and tasty. The sausage calzone is enormous, and the lunch specials are probably one of the best values anywhere. Simple but clean dining room. Definitely family run, but not by Italians, which is kind of funny – you’d never know by the food though. Will look for a chance to come back soon.

Love the pizza!

I was trying to order pizza from somewhere besides the local chain because my fiance and i don’t like the same pizza. Well we ordered Lizzano’s to be delivered to our home and the pizza was awesome. We will be ordering from them again, sooner rather than later. Haven’t had pizza like that in a very long time and I finally found a new place, since one place I previously loved shut down.

Finally …  someone who can make a truly excellent “white pizza”

Wife & I recently moved back to the area and absolutely love Lizzano’s. If I had one complaint/suggestion, it would be to order your food to go. The restaurant can become extremely hot late in the day, and no one wants to sweat into their Calamari. The staff is very courteous and again, the food is excellent!

Lizzano’s humble reply: We recently refurbished our air conditioning system and installed a very cool, high-tech twin turbo fan in our dining room (learn about it here) . Since then, we’ve received nothing but delighted comments about the level of comfort in the dining, even at the hottest time of the day. Please give us another chance. Come experience it yourself!

A Euless Highlight

I visited a small strip mall joint, called Lizzano’s Pizza, for dinner. I must say, there’s something to be said about really cheap Italian places. And that something is in the tune of “this is so flippin’ good!”

I ordered the Tortellini Alfredo (available with beef or cheese). I couldn’t fully taste the beef within, but the sauce made it so rich and creamy that it still managed to suit me just fine. One of the specials was Shrimp Alfredo. That too was great -especially if you like seafood. The bread served prior to the meal was satisfactory by itself, but the oil concoction that you dip it in was far different that what I’ve had before. I could taste more of the seasons/herbs than oil. Therefore it was vastly and rapidly consumed.

The menu is simple and abundant. Prices are below average. If you’re lucky enough to live near this place, become a regular. I’ll see you there.


tripadvisor rating

Who could ask for more?

We LOVE Lizzano’s! Bring your favorite bottle of wine and enjoy a dinner that’s more than filling for about $20. Can you believe it? Their chicken entrees have such great, fresh, flavor. Chicken Jerusalem on angel hair pasta is a favorite and Chicken Murphy a wonderful treat. Had the tiramisu last night and it was the perfect end to our delicious dinner. I can’t recommend this highly enough!

Good Pizza, Huge Portions!

I have only ever had the pizza by the slice here. I have never had a bad slice though. I love the stuffed pizza. Value is outstanding! No problems with service. Atmosphere is cozy but a bit dated.

Amazing Italian cuisine at even more amazing prices with great service

This restaurant is becoming less and less of a well-kept local secret. The Italian dishes are really delicious, but the prices are astoundingly low and you’re not going to find more friendly service anywhere else.

This joint is a little hole in the wall and when it’s busy, it hums.

Definitely check out the Pasta Trio. It’s like $5 and more than enough to satisfy your appetite. Finish off your meal with my favorite: Chocolate Bread Pudding.

You’ll love this little family-operated, family-friendly joint.

The best Italian Cusine restaurant in Mid-Cities!!!

Great affordable Italian food. BYOB!!! Nice family atmosphere as is family operated.

Very good food at reasonable prices

So far we’ve only dined in twice; each visit has been a most pleasant experience. It is located in a strip shopping center, easy to find and park. Their lunch specials include quite a bit of food. A special menu board of different specials is also offered in addition to regular choices on the menu. It is a BYOB restaurant. The folks are friendly and eager to please. The entrees are served with tasty bread and a salad I can do without, mainly because it is just tasteless iceberg lettuce with one little slice of tomato. Otherwise, everything we’ve tried on two visits is really good. We leave very satisfied with full tummies and have not spent a fortune for good food. We will definitely return again and again when we need an Italian fix. Check out their website at: Enjoy!

Great food, nice atmosphere, very affordable


yahoo rating

My wife and I love this place! The food was excellent, price for lunch was unbeatable, and staff was very friendly. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone. I just wish they had a bigger facility but that is not enough to keep me away. Oh, and this is definitely one of the best pizza places around by far.

This is the BEST pizza! Nothing like ordering from a chain restaurant. SO DELICIOUS!

Wonderful neighborhood pizza joint. Yeah, it’s kind of a joint,but frankly, I’ll take a joint any day over a national chain. Very competitive prices (lunch salad, hot bread and a filling pasta dish).

We have been going to the restaurants owned by Amza and Shanka Rika for over 17 years and now with the opening of Lizzano’s the same great food they have always prepared is just as good as ever. This is a great friendly place to dine and a great bargain for the price. It’€™s very casual and BYOB.

A quintessential small, family-operated, neighborhood Italian restaurant. The kind you would find in many neighborhoods in New York City. Their thin-crust New York style pizza is incredible. Their pizza chef won the People’s Choice Best Pizza Award in Tarrant County in 1996. Their entrée and pasta dishes are delicious and a great value. Highly recommended.


Having tried all of the NY style pizza that I can find from west Ft. Worth to east Dallas, I stand firmly on my claim that Lizzano’s is absolutely the best in this city!! I am Italian, and have spent a lot of time in NY and New Jersey and one of the things I consistently miss the most is the pizza. Almost a decade ago when my husband and I were dating, we found a wonderful pizzaria with the BEST GREEN PIZZA I’ve ever had, but sadly they closed. It sounds silly to say, but we grieved the loss of our pizza joint. When we stumbled into Lizzano’s a few months ago and saw the art on the walls we realized this was the same joint under a new name… and yes, they had our green pizza!! Ordering a green pizza on a Saturday night makes us feel like we’re dating again. Thanks Lizzano’s!!

Great pizza, great pizza joint. Lunch is a great value too! Two fat thumbs up.

Merchant Circle

Best Italian Restaurant

Fred and I were first introduced to Lizzano’s by an AA flt attendant. We absolutely loved the food, the service and the atmosphere but most of all the family that runs it. We have since brought many others in to eat and now it has become “our ” favorite restaurant. They make everything themselves and when I think of their pizza’s……my mouth starts to water. They are the best ever. You need to give them a try. You won’t regret it. We have tried almost everything on the menu and love it all. The prices are very reasonable too. So do yourself a favor and come on in. Maybe we’ll see you there.

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