Boast about Your Oenophile Bargains (BYOB)

Next time you visit, why not pair our Linguine with Red Clam Sauce with a bottle of La Crema Pinot Noir? Or how about a delicious Clos du Blois “Russian River Reserve” Chardonnay to accompany our famous Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo?

At Lizzano’s, simple luxuries like these are easy to afford. Just stop by your local wine shop or supermarket and bring along your own favorite bottle of wine to enjoy with your favorite dish. We’ll provide sparkling wine glasses and a cork opener for your table — without a corkage fee.

These two superb wines cost an average of $39 on the wine lists of local Italian chain restaurants in our area. But when we last checked, the average supermarket prices of the very same wines was a mere $17.50—a discount of 55% off wine list prices. Furthermore, the variety of wines available at your local supermarket dwarfs the chain restaurant wine lists.  Peruse our unique BYOB Wine Comparison List to discover other great wine deals.

We actually know something about this. We conducted an in-depth analysis— BYOB Economics 101—where we compared the cost of dinner for two plus wine at Lizzano’s with four local Italian restaurant chains in the area, including price comparisons of 70 wines on their wine lists.  We discovered what many of our customers already knew. A typical dinner for two with wine at four nearby national Italian chain restaurants cost twice as much as a comparable dinner for two at Lizzano’s with the very same BYOB wine.

So when we shamelessly assert that Lizzano’s offers a superb combination of quality and value, it’s not because we think that sounds catchy. It’s because we’ve done the math.

A Win-Win

You might wonder why we actually promote a BYOB policy. Sure, BYOB is a big win for our customers, but what about us? Don’t we lose a bit when our customers bring in their own wine?

Over the years we’ve discovered the opposite to be true.

Our BYOB customers come for more than a great meal — they come to dine. They are unhurried and make the evening an event to be enjoyed. They’re likely to bring friends. They are more likely to enjoy an appetizer. They are likely to try our Seasonal Specials and premium entrées. They linger, and often share a dessert. They consistently rank high in customer satisfaction. They are generous with gratuities. Most important, they are likely to become regulars—even friends.

So bring along your favorite wine (or beer) the next time you come in. Invite friends to join you. Make it a relaxed dining experience at Lizzano’s.



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