Hand Tossed Pizza

IMG_9313Lizzano’s Pizza has a long tradition of hand-tossing every single pizza we bake.

Tony Rika (Owner & Pizza Chef) has been hand-tossing pizzas for over 40 years. He began his pizza career in Italian neighborhood restaurants at age 16 in Rome, Italy.

Later, in New York City, he refined his pizza-making expertise at a number of notable neighborhood institutions including Seven Brothers at the corner of Church and Flatbush in Brooklyn, Angelo’s in Little Italy, and Ray’s in Manhattan.

Tony’s family ties eventually brought him to Texas, and he decided to open his own restaurant. Soon after, Tony was awarded Best Pizza in Tarrant County by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Now Tony works with his son at the pizza table, passing on the art of hand-tossed pizza to the next generation.

We take no shortcuts. Our pizza dough and pizza sauces are made fresh each day. We use only the finest mozzarella cheese from Wisconsin. Each of our toppings are freshly prepared. Check out Lizzano’s 10 Specialty Pizzas on our menu.

You just have to try it! We think you’ll agree that there’s something special about our decades-long refinement of the perfect pizza.  Here are some recent customer comments:

“This is the BEST pizza! Nothing like ordering from a chain restaurant. SO DELICIOUS!”

“Their thin-crust New York style pizza is incredible. Their pizza chef won the People’s Choice Best Pizza Award in Tarrant County in 1996.”

“We ordered a large with mushrooms, onion and green pepper.. Delicious! Great crust, and toppings were all fresh and cooked perfectly. Very much reminds me of the pizza I ate growing up in Buffalo. I will be back!”

“In my opinion, the food at their restaurant has always been superior to similar pizza joints in the metroplex, and there quite a few good, independently-owned pizzerias in the area. The pizza is incredible; simple NY-style crust with a variety of fresh toppings and a very flavorful sauce. The sauce has been adjusted slightly for regional preferences, but if you ask, they will make the flavor more intense with additional garlic, oregano, and other herbs/spices added. I prefer it this way, but most in the area don’t. Whatever your preference, though, it’s going to be good.”

“Great NY style pizza served in a very modest and casual Italian restaurant setting.”

“We absolutely love the food, the service and the atmosphere, but most of all the family that runs it. We have since brought many others in to eat and now it has become “our favorite” restaurant. They make everything themselves and when I think of their pizza’s……my mouth starts to water. They are the best ever. You need to give them a try. You won’t regret it. “

“Having tried all of the NY style pizza that I can find from west Ft. Worth to east Dallas, I stand firmly on my claim that Lizzano’s is absolutely the best in this city!! I am Italian, and have spent a lot of time in NY and New Jersey and one of the things I consistently miss the most is the pizza. Ordering a green pizza on a Saturday night makes us feel like we’re dating again. Thanks Lizzano’s!!”

“Great pizza, great pizza joint. Lunch is a great value too! Two fat thumbs up.”

“Finally … someone who can make a truly excellent “white pizza”. Wife & I recently moved back to the area and absolutely love Lizzano’s. If I had one complaint/suggestion, it would be to order your food to go. The restaurant can become extremely hot late in the day, and no one wants to sweat into their Calamari. The staff is very courteous and again, the food is excellent!

Lizzano’s humble reply: We recently installed a very cool, high-tech twin turbo Gyro fan in our dining room to augment the air conditioning system.  Learn about it here.  Since then we’ve received nothing but delighted comments about the level of comfort in the dining room, even at the warmest hours of the day. Please give us another chance. Come experience it yourself!


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