Lizzano’s Declaration of Independence

On November 1, 2011, Lizzano’s became a cash-only establishment,
joining the growing ranks of small businesses who refuse to pass on
to their customers the skyrocketing costs of credit card processing fees.

To make up for lost profits, big banks are imposing fee increases on all types of consumer and commercial services. Small businesses like Lizzano’s are reeling from skyrocketing credit card processing fees.

We have been faced with a difficult choice.

On the one hand, we could bow to the pressure and pass these onerous fees on to our customers in the form of price increases. We can’t tell you how distasteful that prospect is to us. We have worked very hard over the years to manage our costs so that we can consistently deliver a high level of quality and value.

On the other hand, we could protect our customers and prices by moving to a cash-only business model.

We did some research and our customers overwhelmingly told us they would prefer to pay cash than to pay higher prices. We think you’ll agree.

To minimize any inconvenience, a Citibank ATM is located a short walk away at 7-Eleven. (No checks, please.)

We are grateful to our customers who helped us arrive at this decision and encouraged us to remain committed to a 30-year family tradition of delivering quality food at a great price.


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